Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one (Albert Einstein).

What we see is processed by our brain and so becomes subjective. Our reality is the phenomenon of our experience, the reality generated by the mind and as such it is different from the underlying reality: the unknowable, abstract reality also referred to as Noumenon (Greek for: “that which is apprehended, the thing perceived”).

This summer I have explored the blending techniques of multiple exposures, trying to find a language that gives me more leeway to express the personal.

Because my cameras (with the exception of my iPhone) do not accommodate multiple exposures, I used my large library of unused Iceland photographs, merging layers of individual landscapes into a new reality.

I meandered through these emerging landscapes, listening to their sounds, feeling their cold winds and watching their light change many times. I know them well, these mythical places out of this world.

Reality is not what it seems to be, nor is it otherwise according to the Tibetan Buddhists.