The most wonderful thing about my iPhone camera is that I always carry it with me. Soon after I bought my first iPhone in October 2011, I became addicted to the camera and all the apps that are available for it.

Because of its simple use and easy access it has opened up a totally new way of photography for me. It allows me to capture brief and unexpected moments in ordinary daily life. When my eye catches the light reflected in the lid of a cooking pot, I grab my iPhone. When a luscious lemon tart is coming out of the oven or when my border collie dog is hypnotizing a ball, the iPhone camera will be there to record it. I am adding new beads on a daily basis: memories of trips I made, friends I met, dinners I ate and dog walks I took.

For me, iPhone photography is all about catching the moment. I don’t think, I just shoot and then I think about the direction I want to go with the image. One hundred takes to encourage others to experiment with their mobile phone cameras.