I am fascinated by light and the endless variations of atmospheric phenomena in the coastal landscape. I am interested in low light conditions that occur mostly early in the day and in winter when the light is most subtle and intense. Each day begins a little differently offering infinite variety in light and colour. Clouds, fog, rain, and snow all produce varying levels of visibility from transparency to complete opacity. These are the elements of my environment and therefore of my work.
I am often moved by a sense of calmness of a place or of a certain moment and it is this sense of tranquility that I try to capture in my photographs. I am drawn to places undergoing slow, imperceptible or visible change and I am happiest when working in the coastal landscape with its prominence of the transient, the evanescent, the inconstant. I make images as I discover them. No matter what transports me, the imagery is always grounded in the compositional possibilities found in natural settings.

I was born in Curaçao, raised in the Netherlands and currently live and work on the southshore of Nova Scotia, Canada.  For most of my life I have lived in coastal areas and the proximity of the ocean has a major influence on my work. My formal education includes a Bachelors Degree in Art History from Leiden University as well as an MBA (IIB Delft) and a PhD (Rotterdam University). I studied photography at the Academy Amsterdam- Fotogram in the Netherlands.

After arriving in Canada, I launched and managed Anderson, gallery of contemporay photography in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia from 2005 until 2015 and continue to work on new photography projects - some generously supported by artist residencies: TSKW, Key West, USA (2013), Baer Art Center, Iceland (2015), and Åland Archipelago Residency, Finland (2018). My work has been exhibited in The Netherlands, Germany, Iceland, The United States and Canada and is in numerous international private collections.